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Does delivery of express delivery really make money?

Does delivery of express delivery really make money?

Recently, we often see some news and information about recruiting couriers and take-out messengers on the Internet, and we can’t find anyone to write them at the salary of 8000-10000. Is it really like news and information? Between 80,000 and 10,000 people can’t recruit couriers and takeaway diners? Pioneer Xiaobian think not necessarily, how many people are still holding 3000 to 6000 salaries, 8000 to 10000 salaries equivalent to high wages, will not recruit people?

It’s hard to earn a single salary and a single commission.

How do you calculate the wages of 8,000 to 10,000? Here we need to understand that this is not the salary most couriers and takeaway waiters can earn, this is only the salary a few people can get, because the wages of couriers and takeaway waiters are calculated according to the amount of delivery orders, in addition to the platform charges, the real money earned is very limited, the courier and takeaway waiters want to earn 8000 to 10000. Wages, they need to work harder than others.

Does delivery of express delivery really make money?

It also says that they have not been complained by customers and have not delivered bills overtime. Otherwise, they can not earn money, and may deduct wages because of complaints or overtime. So the courier and the salesman who earn 8000 to 10000 pay more than others. They not only have to work overtime to run errands, but also smile at each customer.

Does delivery of express delivery really make money?

Brothers come and go in the wind and rain, hard to earn sweat money, 8000 to 10000 high wages? In winter, riding an electric bicycle is frozen to death, hitting a neighborhood without elevators and climbing upstairs. After a day, they are tired to death. It’s really not much to earn 8,000 to 10,000, and they also have to bear more risks and hardships than others.

Running off legs can earn 8,000 to 10,000? As we said above, after discarding the platform and other deductions, the little brothers may not be able to get so much money at all, so why do many news hype that the salary of 8000 to 10000 can not be recruited? Say you guys go! These are all platforms for recruiting little brothers. When they recruit little brothers, they can draw more money from little brothers, full of routines.

Does delivery of express delivery really make money?

Express delivery and takeaway brothers need social recognition

Pioneer Xiaobian recently saw a lot of articles to increase the rights and interests of young brothers, such as increasing income for young brothers, increasing social security and so on. Indeed, we can not live without the hardships of these young brothers in the wind and rain. While we are enjoying the convenience, there are many people working silently for them. Running broken legs may be more appropriate. How could we stay at home and do everything without them?

Does delivery of express delivery really make money?

However, many platforms only pay attention to their own earnings, for courier and takeaway brothers draw too high, and the welfare is very low, so now many people do not want to send courier delivery, on the one hand, earning less hard, on the other hand, these jobs are not decent, so many platforms can not recruit brothers, the fundamental reason is that the social recognition of brothers is not high.

Does delivery of express delivery really make money?

Write to the end

Finally, Pioneer Network Xiaobian wants to say, please respect the courier and takeaway brother, they are really not easy, and our society today can not do without their hard work, so please give them more smiles, give them more understanding, after all, they earn hard money by breaking their legs.

Does delivery of express delivery really make money?

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