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China Internet 2019’s big move, illegal violations will not work

China Internet 2019's big move, illegal violations will not work

As an Internet webmaster, Pioneer Network Xiaobian pays attention to various news updates every day. Recently, the most popular ones of Pioneer Network are the related articles of Netnet 2019, Nursery 2019 and Autumn Wind 2019. It seems that 2019 It will be a year of severe Internet attacks in China, and the illegal websites are shaking!

First, I would like to recommend a few articles about the 2019 Internet.

China Internet 2019's big move, illegal violations will not work

1: Jiangsu launched the “Qinglang 2019” campaign to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the provincial website

Article source People’s Network:http://js.people.com.cn/n2/2019/0301/c360300-32694799.html

2: Network platform rectification! In less than 2 months, 490,000 illegal and illegal accounts were cancelled

Article source today headlines:https://www.toutiao.com/a6663029583421374980/

3: Industry News | Baidu search to crack down on false information; headline urgent notice 3 categories of accounts offline

Article source today headlines:https://www.toutiao.com/a6663267894798844429/

4: “Net net 2019” “protective seedlings 2019” “autumn wind 2019” special action

Article source Sina:http://news.sina.com.cn/o/2019-02-28/doc-ihrfqzka9974121.shtml

China Internet 2019's big move, illegal violations will not work

Note: The above is some information about the Internet’s crackdown found by Pioneer Network Xiaobian in Baidu search, and from all directions, this Internet crackdown is the largest in China’s Internet history, and this time it is also down. A great determination, I believe that the 2019 China Internet will usher in a radical change.

“Net net 2019” “protective seedling 2019” “autumn wind 2019” has begun

In the recent various information, we can also see various contents about “Net Net 2019”, “Nursing Seedling 2019” and “Autumn Wind 2019”. Many illegal websites have been mentioned, whether you are a big platform, such as Baidu, etc. Small websites, such as personal and company websites, have been investigated for violations of laws and regulations, and major platforms have felt pressure. They have expressed their intention to increase supervision of their own platforms. For example, Baidu search mentioned above severely cracks down on falsehoods. The report of the information, the clear sword refers to those illegal and illegal content that will appear on Baidu, and claims to permanently ban the relevant websites, which shows that Baidu also realized a lot of pressure.

China Internet 2019's big move, illegal violations will not work

And what we have seen most recently is the saying that “the Internet is not a place of extra-legal”. All kinds of remarks on the Internet must be cautious, otherwise it may cause unnecessary trouble. This is actually a fabrication of the sword. The rumors are from the media, but what we need to pay attention to is that this is not just for those who are rumored, but for everyone, don’t say it on the Internet, what do you think, the Chinese Internet has laws. The place of supervision.

China Internet 2019's big move, illegal violations will not work

Internet management will become more and more strict, and illegal violations will not work.

From the 2019 Internet crackdown, we can see that it is absolutely impossible for China Internet to make illegal violations. Whether you are doing illegal or illegal content in China or overseas, China’s Internet will increase its efforts, so you want to rely on the Internet. It is getting harder and harder to make black money, so I would like to persuade those who are still lucky to give up quickly, to transform early or to find a job to go to work, and the cost of illegal violations will not be borne by you. Okay!

China Internet 2019's big move, illegal violations will not work

What will happen to the Internet in the future? Pioneer Network Xiaobian does not know, but from the Internet hit of 2019, this high-pressure situation will continue in the future, so the above-mentioned Pioneer Network Xiaobian also advised those who are lucky. However, I believe that in the face of huge interests, there will still be many people taking risks, but I believe that the ultimate confrontation with them is to return to the law, illegal violations will not work, or honestly do some people who are self-disciplined!

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